Dear Team Manager

 This week marks the beginning of the 8th annual Queensland Cup Carnival and back to where it all began, at Snooker World on the Gold Coast. We are very pleased to be able to welcome all new players and those seasoned returning players, I do wish you all the best in competition.

 I also bring your attention too ‘it is mandatory’ that the home team completes their match score sheet via the online Poolstat portal. Most mobile smart phones or tablets are suitable for entering the data. If you require assistance please ask your opposition team or administration.


I: Time Allowed 20/20

(1) A player has a maximum of forty (40) seconds to play each shot.

(2) The Umpire will start timing when all balls have come to rest from the previous shot.

(3) If the first twenty seconds elapses before a shot is played, the referee will call "Twenty Seconds" as a warning to the player.


K: Standard Fouls

(4) Playing out of turn. {A player who plays a shot immediately after playing a foul or immediately after the umpire has called a foul on that player, has played out of turn.

Note: this sometimes does happen when the umpire has calls ‘Time Foul”. Ball are not replaced.


Should a Dispute arise during the frame the Player must ask for the Head Adjudicator BEFORE THE NEXT SHOT IS PLAYED.

 Easy reference links;


Event website            Links to all below.

 Home Team       MUST do the scoring

 Away Team            Can view the match in progress

 Live Stream   

 World Rules   


Thank you, and I wish you the best of luck.